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Playing favourites...

Ello lads and lasses, I pose a question to all of you:

Which of Augie's releases has been your favourite and why?

- Sar.
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do you know what? it was Sunset Studies, but now i'm thinking....Moo You Bloody Choir. i can't believe my loyalty's changed but...such is the strength of the new material

though i still have a soft spot for the b-sides on The Vineyard EP...
I'm still with Sunset Studies. The lyrics for Good Gardener will never be surpassed.

} kenji
Oh god, seeing as though they are the only band I have listened to for the past 4 years, hard one.

I have to go with Sunset studies I suppose, I never tire of listening to it, and always find something new in their that I love everytime. Thanks for the memes would have to be the fav ep.

I love MYBC, theres some absolute stand outs on there, but i'm kind of prejudiced against it as it has more of a commercial appeal. I love that they are finally getting some of the attention they deserve, but dreadfully jealous I have to start sharing them with more people.
I love that they are finally getting some of the attention they deserve, but dreadfully jealous I have to start sharing them with more people

i agree TOTALLY. and i hate admitting it, because it seems so petty
I think sunset studies will always be my favourite ... but mybc just has SO many good songs on it, I can't choose. haha
Definately Sunset Studies. It's unlikely to ever change. Best album ever.
That sums it up nicely for me too.
A tough call, but for me - it would just have to be Strange Bird.
In my insignificant little brain, I see it as the Augie album where the band says the most. Sure, SunsetStudies was magical, poignant, and distant.. but i feel that Strange Bird was a much more consistant album; perhaps more well-rounded in it's order of tracks.

Even if it is 'more political' (if you will), there are quite a few songs that still bring a tear.. i feel that StrangeBird really balances the quirkyness of the band with their craft at it's best. This is unlike MYBC (which is great, but i admit I am yet to find an abnegation for: i dare speculate that as a cultural reflection medium, doesn't say as much as the other two).

I also have to admit - not really an official release, but I adore Glenn's EP.

Finally, Maybe albums can be like relationships; we attach our memories mostly to the first one?
perhaps. i think for me hearing so many of the strange birds songs prior to the release of the album in a live sense, and loving them live and then the songs weren't recorded in a manner that reflected their brilliance at all. there are versions of brundisium out there, live versions, which make you gasp at the brilliance, but on the album it's just... meh. and while the same was true for owen's lament at the time of sunset studies release, i came to appreciate the album recorded version of that, but have never been able to do so with brundisium.

i'm going sunset studies. strange bird for the reasons aforementioned and because there's maybe too much rock rock on there. and mybc misses out because it's a little too straight (and sadly seems to be very kiernan/piano orientated), although the good moments are very very good.
It's funny you mention Brundisium like that. There are so many augie songs that feel so perfect on a dodgy old live bootleg, and recording studios can't do them justice.
I hear clockwork live for the first gig after the release of the album, and it blew me away. I was a bit "meh" (meh=omg perfect, but all augie is omg perfect and this is at the bottom of omg perfect) on the album version, but then the live version was so fucking awesome. Best ever. Now I find the album version a lot more enjoyable because i've seen the other side of it. I'm absolutely hanging out to hear a live bootleg, of hear it live for myself again.

interesting because i find clockwork one of the best on the record, so if it steps it up live it might just blow my head off!
Strange Bird for me. Having said that though, I haven't listened to MYBC yet much at all.